River  02/09/2016 Ore:21:14:47
Favorite line:“Five minute walking die2;ncs.”t20aNot bad, really.”Tanya, my wife, found this line hysterical. A typical, whimsical kind of Russian line, I suppose.

Rayonna  02/09/2016 Ore:21:06:39
I am sorry, Patricia but PLEASE do not compare or dare say that what is going on is WORSE than the Holocaust. This is NOT a planned genocide or anything close. If Israel wanted to wipe out all the Pansltiniaes they could do so, and quite quickly. I think it’s horrifying that you can even think of comparing the 2 situations, let alone say it’s worse. Do you really have any idea what the Nazis did, not only to the Jews, but to homosexuals, gypsies and people with handicaps?